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Aqua Real 2 - Jadikan PC Seperti Aquarium Laut

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Buat sobat yang sedang mencari screen saver keren untuk PC nya,rasanya Aqua Real 2 ini bisa jadi pilihan bagus untuk menghiasi tampilan PC sobat yang sedang dalam keadaan idle,karena dengan Aqua real 2 ini tampilan PC sobat akan tampak berisi ikan - ikan laut yang cantik yang tampak begitu nyata sehingga PC tampak seperti aquarium yang berisi ikan-ikan laut,oke di cek dulu aja.

Link Download :

Download Aqua Real 2 Full (25MB)

Features of Aqua Real 2:

* Numerous fish available including, Clown Anemonefish, Palette Surgeonfish, Yellow Tang, Yellow Boxfish, Emperor Red Snapper, Queen Angelfish and more.
* Select the number of each specie to let wander by right-clicking for the user options panel.
* Give your fish new habitats to swim within – choose from Shipwreck, Coral Cave and Coral Reef scenes.
* Sea life enthusiasts will love analysing the unique swimming postures and body movements of each animal.
* Watch schools of tropical fish swim around the coral reefs and underneath rocks resting on the ocean floor.
* This life-like screen saver program is also interactive!
* Watch the clownfish race to eat the food you drop for them; tickle them to see them move around; or send a shark amongst the anemone and watch the Yellow Tangs scurry away.
* You can also listen to your favourite MP3 or WMA music files during play.
* Straightforward installation and easy to use program means people of all ages and skill levels can enjoy Aqua Real 2.
* Relax and unwind by watching the hypnotic behaviours of the various fish and sea life swimming in the ocean setting.
* More than just a screen saver – take advantage of the various user options available in Aqua Real by right clicking from the user options panel.
* Many fish species to choose from and multiple reef settings to let them swim within.
* Have fun designing your own reef scenarios and select your favourite songs as background music to set the scene for your underwater world.

Minimum Requirements:

Minimum requirements for running Aqua Real 2 in screensaver mode.

* CPU: Intel or AMD 600 Mhz
* RAM: 256 Mb
* Video Driver: DirectX 9.0
* Video Card: 16 Mb
* Audio Card: 16-bit Directsound compatible
* Hard Drive Space: 45 Mb

Recommended minimum requirements for running Aqua Real 2 in desktop mode:

* CPU: 1.5 Ghz
* RAM: 512 Mb
* Video Driver: DirectX 9.0
* Video Card: 128 Mb
* Audio Card: 16-bit Directsound compatible
* Hard Drive Space: 45 Mb
Full Version

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